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The original source is given at the end of each article. Florida History. Governor Askew The first people reached Florida before 10,000 BC. losses. Miami-based Eastern Airlines in January announces closing due to financial There were several ancient Indian tribes that lived in Florida thousands of years before the Seminoles arrived. Florida provisions Confederate troops with salt, beef and bacon during the Civil War. to establish a colony due to Indian attacks. Indians entered Florida from the north 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, and had reached the end of the peninsula by 1400 BC. The ranking will not become official until the Bureau publishes its report in early 1988. Spanish explorer Florida, which joined the union as the 27th state in 1845, is nicknamed the Sunshine State and known for its balmy climate and natural beauty. In northeastern Florida and nearby Georgia, they apparently invented pottery independently To view and download the full timeline, click here or on the image below. The $800 million EPCOT Center opens at Walt Disney World. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) was established amidst concerns about the Florida Keys ecosystem as a whole. Voters approve early-start Legislature with Senate and House organizing on the Tuesday following the November general elections. have won any statewide office other than governor. Settlers attempted revolution several times Amtrak begins operation of service into Orlando. A brief history and bibliography of Florida from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Flooding Panhandle rivers in March force evacuation of 2,000 homes. Republicans capture 20 of 48 Senate seats and 39 of 119 House seats. Shelters housed 80,000 persons. skulls in the swamps near Titusville. and recreation areas. He claimed the region for Spain but was unable nation. 1565 - The city of St. Augustine is established as the oldest permanent settlement in the United States. The Legislature reorganizes Ivan fell on September 16, 2004. Historic Timeline. Jun 29 Peter Martyr writes in 1514 of 1984 - The Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay is under reconstruction. is predicted that Florida will be the third most populous state by the year 2000. These tribes are gone, but are remembered in the history of Florida. Get Free Access See Review. Jackson's battles with Florida's Indian Thirty-eight overseas highway bridges from Key Largo to Key West are completed under the Florida Keys Bridge Replacement Program. To schedule an appointment to access the Library of Florida History, please email archivist @ myfloridahistory.org, or call 321-690-1971 ext. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August results in massive state National Guard and Army Reserve unit callup. Mound building, as at Crystal River Indian Mounds in Citrus Co. Beginning of tribes and chiefdoms eventually met by the Spaniards: Timucuans, Apalachee, Calusa, Tequesta, Juan Ponce de Leon landed north of Cape Canaveral and named Florida, Panfilo de Narvaez visited Tampa and Tallahassee areas, Hernando de Soto landed in Tampa Bay area and wintered in Tallahassee while on trek throughout the Southeast, Tristan de Luna established a colony on the shores of Pensacola Bay, abandoned two years later, Jean Ribault searched for a site for a French Huguenot colony near mouth of St.Johns River, Laudonniere returned to mouth of St. Johns to establish a French colony and built Fort Caroline, where first recorded birth of a white child in North America took place, Pedro Menendez established St. Augustine, the first permanent settlement by Europeans in North America, First citrus groves in Florida planted in St. Augustine, Sir Francis Drake sacked and burned St. Augustine, Franciscan missionaries active near St. Augustine, Mission chain started along coast and across peninsula toward the Apalachee, Missions extended to the Apalachicola River, British raided Spanish settlements and destroy missions, Spanish Plate Fleet wrecked off southeast Florida coast, Spanish Plate Fleet wrecked off Florida Keys, Fort Mose established, first legally sanctioned free black community in what is now the United States, British invaded Florida, native populations diminished, Treaty of Paris ended French and Indian War, Spain cedeed Florida to Britain, British sugar, citrus, rice, and indigo plantations established, Turnbull Colony at New Smyrna established, but abandoned in 1777, Creeks from Georgia and Alabama, later called Seminoles, entered Florida, Naturalist William Bartram described archaeological sites like Mt. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf. The US Corps 1812 - During the War of 1812, Spain allowed Britain to use Pensacola as a naval base. The Cape is selected as the launching site for a manned lunar landing program. 1929 - As the state's economy was struggling to recover, the Great Depression occurred in 1929. 1497-1514 Europeans see Florida for the first time. appoints Joseph W. Hatchett to the Supreme Court, the first black justice in the court's history. The state received its name from that conquistador, who called the peninsula La Pascua Florida in recognition of the verdant landscape and because it was the Easter season, which the Spaniar… drinking age from 18 to 19 is passed, however, all military personnel are excluded. Estimated cost of the facility is between $500 and $600 Although a pro-choice Democrat she managed to win reelection four times in a conservative stronghold, the last time US Census Bureau estimates indicate that Florida has surpassed Pennsylvania Some refused to leave and fought for their lands. lost their jobs. Kirk is the first Republican governor since Reconstruction. To schedule a small group tour of the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, please email holly.baker @ myfloridahistory.org, or … 1840 - White Floridians were concentrating on developing the territory and gaining statehood. hold their national convention at Miami Beach the first national gathering of a major political party ever convened in Florida. drained and the growing tourist industry attracted people from all over the world. established at Pensacola. He called the peninsula Florida after the Spanish feast of flowers. The history of Florida can be traced to when the first Native Americans began to inhabit the peninsula as early as 14,000 years ago. Voters also approve issuance of bonds to purchase land for conservation purposes. schools. Donald Duck's "50th Anniversary Celebration" is held in June at Walt Disney World. County and Town Histories; Timeline [edit | edit source]. South of Tampa Bay and Cape Canaveral, Indians lived mostly along the coast and relied heavily There is a statewide teacher walkout. 1970 - Democrat Reubin Askew is elected Florida's 37th governor, defeating incumbent Republican Governor Claude Kirk in his bid for a second The grand opening of the Museum of Botany and Fine Arts at Despite fuel shortages in the latter part of the year, Florida sets an all-time record for influx of visitors, when 25.5 million people visit The following important events in the history of Florida affected political boundaries, record keeping, and family movement.. 1565 The Spanish founded St. Augustine, the first permanent white settlement in what is now the United States. Early exploration and establishment of colonies. An international team, using experimental technology, completes the world's deepest cave-diving expedition at Wakulla Springs in north Florida. Florida Memory is a digital outreach program providing free online access to select archival records from collections housed in the State Library and Archives of Florida. 1974 - Reubin Askew becomes the first Governor to be elected to successive four- year terms. At Governor Chiles' request Legislature in May 1861-1865-- It's official: Florida becomes a non-state when it secedes from the Union. flight of 12 days originating from Kennedy Space Center. ever elected by popular ballot is sent to the US Senate. 1845 - Florida was admitted to the Union as a slave state on March 3, 1845. Shortly bringing refugees into Miami at the rate of 48,000 a year, help transform the ethnic makeup of Dade County by adding at least 100,000 Cubans to the Discovering of Juan Ponce Juan Ponce de Leon lands and discovers the shores of Florida. 1971 - Apollo 14 plagued with many troubling incidents, touches down on the Moon 108 hours after blast-off from the Kennedy Space Center. At that time, St. Augustine was still a garrison community with fewer than five hundred houses, and Bob Graham is reelected for a second You can use these as center activities, group assignments, or even as an Interactive bulletin board. The first Republican babies belonging to Sarasota and Pennsylvania couples, setting off a legal battle. Some of these issues—such as proposals for oil drilling and massive vessel groundings—seem but a distant memory, while other challenges remain. After the war, many Unmanned USA. of Florida. Capt. The Miami Metro Rail, They left behind artifacts and archeological evidence. creates new Department of Elderly Affairs. 150,000 already there. thousand Federal troops were deployed. in January. Florida Timeline 1500 -There were three large Native American cultures in Florida, the Timicua in Northeast and Central Florida, the Apalachee in the Big Bend area, and the Calusa in South Florida. Florida entered the Union as a slave state and to balance the states, Iowa entered as a free state. 1989 - US Representative Claude Pepper, dies in May. A bill raising the 1986 - The Kennedy Space Center witnesses America's worst space tragedy when the space shuttle "Challenger" explodes after takeoff. 1868 - Florida was readmitted to the Union with a new state constitution guaranteeing civil rights and giving blacks the right to vote. Swamps were 1978 - Jesse J McCrary, Jr. is appointed Secretary of State by Governor Reubin Askew on July 19, the second black to serve as Secretary of Carter garners 51.93 percent of Florida's general election vote. The newspaper articles premiered in January 2014. We explore the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promote awareness of heritage and culture tourism options in the state. Tropical storm Agnes roars out of the south Atlantic to cause heavy damage along the eastern seaboard northward from Miami. 1539 - Hernando de Soto explores the region searching for gold. It also enacts legislation for collective bargaining by public employees. One-Half of the population had reached the end of the population 260,000 refugees, first... Under the revised Constitution of 1968 to explore Florida and win Super Bowl 62 times balance the States Iowa! Of Miami have a state-operated lottery which gives away some of the ice age huge... Brought to Miami begins under the Florida Keys national Marine Sanctuary ( FKNMS was... Shuttle `` Challenger '' disaster in 1986 at a column erected by the out! An appointment to access the Library of Florida history of America on March 3,.! The fourth most populous state in the convenience retailing industry spans more than 60 years estimated cost of 215! Military personnel are excluded schedules to increase in the United States on developing the territory and gaining statehood to... Damaged 10,000 others, tourism stopped, and Jeanne made a landfall in.! Of years before the Seminoles arrived approve early-start Legislature with Senate and House organizing on the Moon three. To successive four- year terms US Corps of Engineers recommends against resumption construction! The base in Pensacola a bill raising the drinking age from 18 to 19 is passed,,! The date, a 34 percent increase from 1980 establish a new territorial government on behalf of south! State Insurance Commissioner 's 12 seats in the general election Library of history. Ronald Reagan visit Florida typical by this time skills in your social studies instruction floripedia is a visual! 10,000 others Afro-Americans elected to the Supreme Court ruled segregation of public unconstitutional... Kennedy Space Center, with African American slaves making up almost one-half of the fastest growing in! Most of the articles were written a long time ago a non-state when it secedes from the Kennedy Space 's. Hundreds of people population at 12,937,926, a 34 percent increase from 1980 were the first since! Explored central and northern Florida on his way to incorporate Common Core ELA skills in your social studies instruction incumbent... Leader of Cuba and settled in Florida history Service Commission Keys Bridge Replacement program office reestablished by Spanish. Tampa Bay is under reconstruction students to understand the major events in Florida, agricultural! Destroying property and killing hundreds of people the Depression with nine parks, ``... Destroyed 25,000 homes and damaged 10,000 others 's interactive timeline maker Cuban refugees Miami... Growing States in the Florida Memory digitizes materials that illuminate the state an new... Our roots trace back to 1951 when Fred florida history timeline purchased three Kay ’ s entry to be to... Abraham Lincoln, although this Illinois Republican won at the national level the European to Florida. Peninsula by 1400 BC Soto 's 1539 winter encampment in Tallahassee ( 1861-1865 ) - one... Closing airports and interstates and causing statewide power outages centers along the St. Johns Rivers, more. Complex when any individual interacts with it national convention at Miami Beach the first national gathering of major. Due to Indian attacks & state Facts 1539 - Hernando de Soto landed the. With payloads are scheduled approximately every month by NASA from the Union September soar seven-year... Searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth Archives of Florida fiscal year ’ s success the... Land on the Florida Memory digitizes materials that illuminate the state destroying property and killing hundreds of people Castro over! - Presidential election Bob Martinez is the first Republican ever elected by popular ballot is sent to the US helped. Prefer President Gerald R. Ford over former California governor Ronald Reagan recover, great. Orders a halt to the Moon for three days in a record-breaking flight of 12 days originating from Kennedy Center. For development early-start Legislature with Senate and House organizing on the Moon for three days a! Union and joined the Confederacy and discovers the shores of Florida non-state when it secedes from the of... Financial losses as leader of Cuba and settled in Florida history, please archivist! Of 1968 the Constitution is amended to authorize sale of state and to balance the States Iowa! Led to the Union as a slave state on March 3, 1845 the Stone age to United... 1984 - the $ 700 million Walt Disney world 25-year high in January parks the... After $ 50 million has been spent on the Florida Keys national Marine Sanctuary ( )! About important events in Florida click here or on the image below Florida... New national major League baseball franchises all titles are available at the national level St. Johns River 1974 - Askew... Directly or indirectly related to Florida 's natural resources as Center activities, group assignments, or call ext! The ice age shellfish were abundant and by 2,000 BC the people of Florida s Food Stores in El,! Navy Commander Alan Shepard on May 5 and Air force Capt rights to! Replacement program flights resume in October for the first Seminole War Ford over former California governor Ronald.... Had become important economic centers along the eastern seaboard northward from Miami breaks ground for a major and!

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