how to register a boat in louisiana with no papers

A new car registration in Louisiana requires you to get three documents from the dealership: A Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, which is signed over to you I already have a motor and have sunk a good chunk of money into it. Is it a really bad idea to buy a boat that doesn’t come with … If the boat is purchased from a builder, follow the same process as if purchasing from a dealer. Hope it helps. Documentation Required to Register a Boat Read the regulations concerning boat registration and what documentation is required to prove ownership. I live in Arkansas. older flat boats had the hull ID number along with the motor rating and weight limit for the boat on a plastic plate riveted to the transome or they just had a foil sticker on the transome that could peel off and be lost over time so they finally got smart and went to an aluminum one that was kinda standardized for all flat boats. All boat registrations and titles in Arkansas are processed through the Department of Finance and Administration. Register/Renew a Boat Online Renew your boat registration or register a boat for the first time. I have no bill of sale, no title, and no way to get either from the previous owner. Vessel/boat with a motor (no matter how big it is). a lot of great deals are ruined by that for a reason. i think obummer says, if u got a paddle or a stick, its got to be registered and remember no guns??? 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He or she will also be required to complete a Boat Registration Application and pay any applicable fees. Allows the boat to be used at Commission accesses and DCNR state parks It appears that the guy I bought it from had registration on it from Illinois in 2005. It's a 15 foot v hull that was on the back of a crew boat. His brother in law bought it from his neighbor but never transferred the paperwork to the brother. It is often the Department of Motor Vehicles, but in some states it is the Department of Revenue. she wrote down the serial number as 000000001 and the make as "jon boat" problem solved. Licensing your Boat. Alternative to getting a registration. No, the boat trailer must be registered with the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and should be listed as a separate item on the notarized bill of sale and/or invoice, if applicable. According to your recent Courtesy Marine Exam, you are carrying all required and recommended equipment. Back out of the deal. When registering a boat, the owner will need to provide proof of ownership and that all taxes have been paid. A warranty gives the buyer protection so that if a claim should arise that existed before the sale, the seller will be liable for it, not the buyer. You will receive a Louisiana plate and title Box 648886 How to Register a New Car in Louisiana. You should have to contact your state boat … I bought one of those cheap 14 ft flat boats from Academy 3 1/2 months ago , I still ain't got the numbers and registration for it yet , it has been one problem after another , actually the way it works out is I am technically the thrid owner of the boat, which is brand new , and there is a out of state transfer involved in the deal , Alumacraft sold it to Academy and they sold it to me ,I was given a slough of paper work and notarized documents from Acadamy but Wildlife keeps sending the application back to me wanting more documentation , I get more and they send it back again and again , hopefully this is the last time and a couple of more months I will get some numbers ------ Academy slurps.

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