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In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people. [18] While Hitler did not take immediate action against Röhm for his intemperate outburst, it nonetheless deepened the rift between them. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates C.O.D. If that was indeed true then, as a legal matter, the law was entirely unnecessary and redundant. AC/DC - Night Of The Long Knives Lyrics. The humbling of the SA ended the threat it had posed to the army but, by standing by Hitler during the purge, the army bound itself more tightly to the Nazi regime. The Foreign Office even complained of instances where brownshirts manhandled foreign diplomats. This would not prove to be simple, however, as the SA made up a large part of Nazism's most devoted followers. Hitler announced to those present that the SA would act as an auxiliary to the Reichswehr, not the other way around. [l] Luise Solmitz, a Hamburg schoolteacher, echoed the sentiments of many Germans when she cited Hitler's "personal courage, decisiveness and effectiveness" in her private diary. Night Of The Long Knives tab. 21 albums . The SS found Breslau SA leader Edmund Heines in bed with an unidentified eighteen-year-old male SA senior troop leader. [9], Hitler's move would be to strengthen his position with the army by moving against its nemesis, the SA. Who's your friend and who's your foe? Not content solely with the leadership of the SA, Röhm lobbied Hitler to appoint him Minister of Defence, a position held by the conservative General Werner von Blomberg. Until then, Lippert had been one of the few executioners of the purge to evade trial. Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young. [i] Röhm, as one of the earliest members of the Nazi Party, had participated in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, an attempt by Hitler to seize power by force in 1923. A very large number of the Freikorps believed that the November Revolution had betrayed them when Germany was alleged to be on the verge of victory in 1918. They are hugely successful, having sold in excess of 150 million albums worldwide, with Back in Black ranking as the fifth highest-selling album of all time in the US. View interactive tab. Who your leader who your man. AC-DC » For Those About To Rock » Night of the Long Knives Night of the long knives – AC/DC Night of the long knives ( La notte dei lunghi coltelli ) è la traccia numero nove del settimo album degli AC/DC , For those about to Rock We salute you, pubblicato il 23 novembre del 1981. Night Of The Long Knives Guitar Tab by AC/DC learn how to play chords diagrams. Night of the long knives. Also known as the "brownshirts" or "stormtroopers," the SA became notorious for their street battles with the Communists. Who will help you fill your hand. This process is automatic. Hitler told the crowd that "undisciplined and disobedient characters and asocial or diseased elements" would be annihilated. [32] On June 27, Hitler moved to secure the army's cooperation. Engineer. "[52] Meanwhile, Goebbels tried to prevent newspapers from publishing lists of the dead, but at the same time used a July 2 radio address to describe how Hitler had narrowly prevented Röhm and Schleicher from overthrowing the government and throwing the country into turmoil. Who will help you fill your hand? "http":"https";t.getElementById(r)||(n=t.createElement(e),,n.src=i+"://",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); [35], At about 04:30 on June 30, 1934, Hitler and his entourage flew to Munich. Ac/Dc. From the Album The Complete Collection November 23, 1981 4.6 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Below you can read the song lyrics of Night Of The Long Knives by AC/DC, found in Album For Those About To Rock released by AC/DC in 1981. Deprived of Communist party meetings to disrupt, the stormtroopers would sometimes run riot in the streets after a night of drinking; they would attack passers-by and then attack the police who were called to stop them. [75] Hitler expressly told him to stop SA funds from being spent on limousines and banquets, which he considered evidence of SA extravagance. [76], According to Speer, "the Right, represented by the President, the Minister of Justice, and the generals, lined up behind Hitler ... the strong left wing of the party, represented chiefly by the SA, was eliminated. Night Of The Long Knives Tabs - Ac/Dc, Version (1). We want to wait till Papa Hindenburg is dead, and then the SA will march against the army. Enraged, Hitler tore the epaulets off the shirt of Obergruppenführer August Schneidhuber, the chief of the Munich police, for failing to keep order in the city the previous night. Album For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (1981) by AC/DC. Both Kurt von Schleicher, Hitler's predecessor as Chancellor, and his wife were murdered at their home. Officially 85; estimates range up to 1,000. [79], Purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934, Papen, nonetheless, remained in his position although people quite close to him were murdered, including, "At least eighty-five people are known to have been summarily killed without any formal legal proceedings being taken against them. AC/DC Lyrics. [53][54], Concerned with presenting the massacre as legally sanctioned, Hitler had the cabinet approve a measure on July 3 that declared, "The measures taken on June 30, July 1 and 2 to suppress treasonous assaults are legal as acts of self-defence by the State. SS men stormed the hotel, and Hitler personally placed Röhm and other high-ranking SA leaders under arrest. [63] During a meeting with Polish Ambassador Józef Lipski on May 22, 1935, Hitler told Lipski that Schleicher was "rightfully murdered, if only because he had sought to maintain the Rapallo Treaty. Play Night Of The Long Knives Tabs using simple video lessons ", "The names of eighty-five victims [exist], only fifty of them SA men. [38] Sepp Dietrich received orders from Hitler for the Leibstandarte to form an "execution squad" and go to Stadelheim prison where certain SA leaders were being held. AC/DC For Those About To Rock We Sal Night Of The Long Knives Who's your leader, who's your man? AC/DC - Night Of The Long Knives From the "For Those About To Rock" album. AC/DC . [63], Former Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was in exile in Doorn, Netherlands, was horrified by the purge. Label Albert Productions . Who your leader? In a career not lacking in bold statements, "for those about to rock / we salute you" seemed like the boldest of all–the new rock gods honoring their flock. Many of those killed in the purge were leaders of the SA, the best-known being Röhm himself, the SA's chief of staff and one of Hitler's longtime supporters and allies. Chancellor Adolf Hitler, urged on by Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, ordered a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate his power and alleviate the concerns of the German military about the role of Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung, the Nazis' paramilitary organization. Night of the Long Knives. Nazi propaganda presented the murders as a preventive measure against an alleged imminent coup by the SA under Röhm – the so-called Röhm Putsch. Who your man? Lippert was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison.[51]. Who's that fightin' back to back? [22], As a means of isolating Röhm, on April 20, 1934, Göring transferred control of the Prussian political police (Gestapo) to Himmler, who, Göring believed, could be counted on to move against Röhm. Röhm's contempt for the party's bureaucracy angered Hess. And let it be known for all time to come that if anyone raises his hand to strike the State, then certain death is his lot. Where's that light when you're prayin' for your life? Hitler told the gathered officials, "The stream of revolution has been undammed, but it must be channelled into the secure bed of evolution. [20] Schleicher criticized the current Hitler cabinet while some of Schleicher's followers such as General Ferdinand von Bredow and Werner von Alvensleben started passing along lists of a new Hitler Cabinet in which Schleicher would become Vice-Chancellor, Röhm Minister of Defence, Heinrich Brüning Foreign Minister and Gregor Strasser Minister of National Economy. While Röhm's homosexuality did not endear him to conservatives, they were more concerned about his political ambitions. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. In his speech to the Reichstag on July 13 justifying his actions, Hitler denounced Schleicher for conspiring with Ernst Röhm to overthrow the government; Hitler alleged both were traitors working in the pay of France. [31] At Hitler's direction, Göring, Himmler, Heydrich, and Victor Lutze drew up lists of people in and outside the SA to be killed. Lyrics to "Night of the Long Knives" on Despite his earlier agreement with Hitler, Röhm still clung to his vision of a new German army with the SA at its core. Mussolini used the affair occasioned by the murder of Giacomo Matteotti as an example of the kind of trouble unruly followers could cause a dictator. Chancellor Adolf Hitler, urged on by Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, ordered a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate his power and alleviate the concerns of the German military about the role of Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung (SA), the Nazis' paramilitary organization. Despite some initial efforts by local prosecutors to take legal action against those who carried out the murders, which the regime rapidly quashed, it appeared that no law would constrain Hitler in his use of power. Night of the long knives Stick 'em in the back woods Traducción Agregar a la playlist Tamaño A Restaurar A Cifrado Imprimir Corregir Compuesta por: Angus Young / Brian Johnson. With the army limited by the Treaty of Versailles to one hundred thousand soldiers, its leaders watched anxiously as membership in the SA surpassed three million men by the beginning of 1934. On June 17, 1934, conservative demands for Hitler to act came to a head when Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, confidant of the ailing Hindenburg, gave a speech at Marburg University warning of the threat of a "second revolution. Black sheep and a renegade Hot feet in the cool. Night Of The Long Knives Tab by AC/DC with free online tab player. [42], The regime did not limit itself to a purge of the SA. [70] It is noteworthy that even those officers who were most offended by the killings, like Hammerstein and Mackensen, did not blame the purge on Hitler, whom they wanted to see continue as Chancellor, and at most wanted a reorganization of the Cabinet to remove some of Hitler's more radical followers. Who’s your friend and who’s your foe? [43] The Gestapo also murdered Erich Klausener, the leader of Catholic Action, and a close Papen associate. [8] Complaints of "overbearing and loutish" behaviour by stormtroopers became common by the middle of 1933. On June 25, General Werner von Fritsch placed the Reichswehr on the highest level of alert. [2] The purge strengthened and consolidated the support of the military for Hitler. However, the threat of a declaration of martial law from Hindenburg, the only person in Germany with the authority to potentially depose the Nazi regime, put Hitler under pressure to act. Night of the long knives, night of the long knives Night of the long knives, night of the long long knife. Leading members of the leftist-leaning Strasserist faction of the Nazi Party, including its figurehead, Gregor Strasser, were also killed, as were establishment conservatives and anti-Nazis, such as former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher and Bavarian politician Gustav Ritter von Kahr, who had suppressed Hitler's Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. "[65] Another rare exception was Field Marshal August von Mackensen, who spoke about the murders of Schleicher and Bredow at the annual General Staff Society meeting in February 1935 after they had been rehabilitated by Hitler in early January 1935. President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor on January 30, 1933. By early 1934, this vision directly conflicted with Hitler's plan to consolidate power and expand the Reichswehr. He lifted his arm in the Nazi salute and called out "Heil Hitler, I love Germany. Under pressure from Hitler, Röhm reluctantly signed a pledge stating that he recognised the supremacy of the Reichswehr over the SA. [69] The memo asked that Hindenburg instead create a directorate to rule Germany, comprising the Chancellor (who was not named), General Werner von Fritsch as Vice-Chancellor, Hammerstein as Minister of Defense, the Minister for National Economy (also unnamed), and Rudolf Nadolny as Foreign Minister. His body was found in a wood outside Munich; he had been hacked to death, apparently with pickaxes. AC/DC. SA violence in Prussia gravely concerned Göring, Minister-President of Prussia. [3] It established Hitler as the supreme administrator of justice of the German people, as he put it in his July 13 speech to the Reichstag. //]]>. Home » Artists » AC/DC » Night of the Long Knives. Several of Hitler's lieutenants feared Röhm's growing power and restlessness, as did Hitler. He took seriously the socialist promise of National Socialism and demanded that Hitler and the other party leaders initiate wide-ranging socialist reform in Germany. The widows of the murdered SA leaders received between 1,000 and 1,600 marks a month, depending on the rank of the murdered person. [33] Blomberg and General Walther von Reichenau, the army's liaison to the party, gave it to him by expelling Röhm from the German Officers' League. Both Himmler and Göring welcomed Hitler's decision, since both had much to gain by Röhm's downfall – the independence of the SS for Himmler, and the removal of a rival for the future command of the army for Göring. Leading officers in the SS were shown falsified evidence on June 24 that Röhm planned to use the SA to launch a plot against the government (Röhm-Putsch). The murders of SA leaders were also intended to improve the image of the Hitler government with a German public that was increasingly critical of thuggish SA tactics. [6] In June 1932, one of the worst months of political violence, there were more than 400 street battles, resulting in 82 deaths. Let the nation know that its existence—which depends on its internal order and security—cannot be threatened with impunity by anyone! [30] On June 29, a signed article in Völkischer Beobachter by Blomberg appeared in which Blomberg stated with great fervour that the Reichswehr stood behind Hitler. Breaking The Rules. Who's your judas, you don't know? Call of a dog, cry of a bitch Cream of a dream. Where's that saviour, where's that light When you're praying for your life? I gave the order to shoot the ringleaders in this treason, and I further gave the order to cauterise down to the raw flesh the ulcers of this poisoning of the wells in our domestic life. [56] Germany's legal establishment further capitulated to the regime when the country's leading legal scholar, Carl Schmitt, wrote an article defending Hitler's July 13 speech. [68] Hammerstein, who was a close friend of Schleicher, had been much offended at Schleicher's funeral when the SS refused to allow him to attend the service and confiscated the wreaths that the mourners had brought. "[74] Hearing of the murder of former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher and his wife, he also commented, "We have ceased to live under the rule of law and everyone must be prepared for the possibility that the Nazis will push their way in and put them up against the wall! "It was plain that there was wide acceptance of the deliberately misleading propaganda put out by the regime. Night of the Long Knives (Arthurian) or Treachery of the Long Knives, a legendary massacre of British chieftains by Saxons c. 460; Night of the Long Knives (1962), a political purge in Britain Others were appalled at the scale of the executions and at the relative complacency of many of their fellow Germans. Night of the long knives Night of the long knives Night of the long knives. ", "The most general theory—that National Socialism was a revolution of the lower middle class—is defensible but inadequate. The Night of the Long Knives, or the Röhm Purge, also called Operation Hummingbird, was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934. Mais ouvidas de AC/DC With Hitler's arrival in Bad Wiessee between 06:00 and 07:00, the SA leadership, still in bed, were taken by surprise. [k] Signed into law by Hitler, Gürtner, and Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick, the "Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defence" retroactively legalized the murders committed during the purge. Stab him in the back. Göring alone had over a thousand people arrested. Who's your friend and who's your foe. Hitler saw the independence of the SA and the penchant of its members for street violence as a direct threat to his newly gained political power. AC/DC. [25] Before Hitler left, and at the request of Presidential State Secretary Otto Meißner, Foreign Minister Baron Konstantin von Neurath ordered the German Ambassador to Italy Ulrich von Hassell – without Hitler's knowledge – to ask Mussolini to tell Hitler that the SA was blackening Germany's good name. In response, Hitler met Blomberg and the leadership of the SA and SS on February 28, 1934. The undersigned Generals and senior officers swear to preserve to the last breath their loyalty to you and the Fatherland. Who will help you fill your hand? [48], Röhm was held briefly at Stadelheim Prison[j] in Munich, while Hitler considered his future. Additionally, Hitler was uncomfortable with Röhm's outspoken support for a "second revolution" to redistribute wealth. [41] Those not immediately executed were taken back to the Leibstandarte barracks at Lichterfelde, given one-minute "trials", and shot by a firing squad. [69] Finally, Hammerstein and Mackensen asked that Hindenburg reorganize the government by firing Baron Konstantin von Neurath, Robert Ley, Hermann Göring, Werner von Blomberg, Joseph Goebbels, and Richard Walther Darré from the Cabinet. About Night Of The Long Knives lyrics. fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos . [36] Papen was unceremoniously arrested at the Vice-Chancellery, despite his insistent protests that he could not be arrested in his position as Vice-Chancellor. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on "A chancellor," he wrote, "sentences and shoots members of his own private army! Excellency, save Germany for the fourth time! Looks like the site is more popular than we thought! He held the same position with Röhm as I held with Himmler. Hitler did not exercise absolute power, however, despite his swift consolidation of political authority. One accurate version. [26] During the summit in Venice, Mussolini upbraided Hitler for tolerating the violence, hooliganism, and homosexuality of the SA, which Mussolini stated were ruining Hitler's good reputation all over the world. Hence, the Freikorps were in opposition to the new Weimar Republic, which was born as a result of the November Revolution, and whose founders were contemptuously called "November criminals". "The Night of the Long Knives. This included Vice-Chancellor Papen and those in his immediate circle. Last edit on Feb 13, 2014. Röhm demurred, telling them, "If I am to be killed, let Adolf do it himself. Night of the long knives Night of the long long knife. The phrase "Night of the Long Knives" in the German language predates the killings and refers generally to acts of vengeance. Night Of The Long Knives lyrics. 174 lyrics . Now that the NSDAP had seized the reins of power in Germany, he said, it was time to consolidate its control. Night of the long knives. ", "But in origin the National Socialists had been a radical anti-capitalist party, and this part of the National Socialist programme was not only taken seriously by many loyal Party members but was of increasing importance in a period of economic depression. Moreover, it was not just the Reichswehr that viewed the SA as a threat. [66], Rumours about the Night of the Long Knives rapidly spread. Night of the Long Knives may also refer to: Historical events. [63] Since Schleicher was a good friend of the French Ambassador André François-Poncet, and because of his reputation for intrigue, the claim that Schleicher was working for France had enough surface plausibility for most Germans to accept it. A combat veteran of World War I, Röhm had recently boasted that he would execute 12 men in retaliation for the killing of any stormtrooper. "[77], Röhm was purged from all Nazi propaganda, such as The Victory of Faith, the Leni Riefenstahl film about the 1933 Nuremberg rally, which showed Röhm frequently alongside Hitler. [69] Mackensen and Hammerstein ended their memo with: Excellency, the gravity of the moment has compelled us to appeal to you as our Supreme Commander. Fearing that the paramilitary SA had become too powerful, Hitler ordered his elite SS guards to murder the organization’s leaders, including Ernst Rohm as well as hundreds of other perceived opponents. Who will help you fill your hand? Author Voytazz [a] 567. "Night Of The Long Knives". Night of the long knives. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? Tonebridge. Gürtner also declared in cabinet that the measure did not in fact create any new law, but simply confirmed the existing law. In Berlin, on Göring's personal orders, an armed SS unit stormed the Vice-Chancellery. In Röhm's view, President Hindenburg's appointment of Hitler as Chancellor on January 30, 1933, had brought the Nazi Party to power, but had left unfulfilled the party's larger goals. Hitler formally adopted this title in April 1942, thus placing himself de jure as well as de facto above the reach of the law. [22] Brüning fled to the Netherlands while Schleicher dismissed the tip-off as a bad practical joke. The Night of the Long Knives was a 1934 purge of political opponents in Nazi Germany. The army's support for the purge, however, would have far-reaching consequences for the institution. [38] Meanwhile, the SS arrested the other SA leaders as they left their train for the planned meeting with Röhm and Hitler. While many officers were impressed by Hitler's promises of an expanded army, a return to conscription, and a more aggressive foreign policy, the army continued to guard its traditions of independence during the early years of the Nazi regime. [36] Goebbels emphasised this aspect in subsequent propaganda justifying the purge as a crackdown on moral turpitude. Night Of The Long Knives Lyrics – ACDC. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Röhm, however, wanted to eliminate the generalship of the Prussian aristocracy altogether, using the SA to become the core of a new German military. Blomberg and many of his fellow officers were recruited from the Prussian nobility, and regarded the SA as a plebeian rabble that threatened the army's traditional high status in German society. //

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