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2G.Kranidioti 2GalatariaGeorge Ioannide 1Geroskipou BeachGeroskipou BeachGialia 1Gianni Kondou 1Giolou 1Giolou 2Giolou 4Giolou 5Gipsou(Mandria)1Gipsou(Mandria)2GoudiGoudiGr Avxentiou 1Gr Digeni 1 (Konia)Gr Digeni 2 (Konia)Gr Digeni 3(Konia)Gr.Digeni 4 (Konia)Gr.Digeni 5 (Konia)Gr.Digeni 6 (Konia)Grigori Avxendiou 2Grigori Avxendiou 3Griva Digeni (Tala1)Griva Digeni 1 avenueGriva Digeni 2 avenueGriva Digeni 3 (Geroskipou)Griva Digeni 3 AvenueGriva Digeni 4 (Geroskipou)Griva Digeni 4 AvenueGriva Digeni 5 AvenueGriva Digeni(Timi)1Griva Digeni(Timi)2Hadjitheori 1 (Armou)Hadjitheori 2 (Armou)Hadjitheori 3 (Armou)Hadjitheori 4 (Armou)Iasonos 1Iasonos 2Ierokipion 1-GermaninaIerokipion 3Ig Leondiou 1Ig Leondiou 2Ig.Leondiou 3Ikarou 1Ikarou 2Impraxim KiazimInnia VillageInnia VillageIppokratous 1 GeroskipouIrenesK.AkourdaliaKallepia 1Kallepia 2Kallepia 3Kallepia 4Kaminion 1Kaminion 2Kaminion 3Kannaviou 1Kannaviou 2Kannaviou 3Kannaviou 4Karavella StationKarnavalou 1 MesoyiKathikas VillageKathikas VillageKato ArodesKato Paphos station Kato Pervolion 1Kato Pervolion 2Kato Pervolion 3Kedares 1Kedares 2Kedares 3Kedares 4Kelokedara 1Kelokedara 2Kelokedara 3Kelokedara 4Kelokedara 5Kelokedara 6KidasiKiliKili 1Kili 2Kili 3Kili 4Kili 5KinousaKissonergas 1Kissonergas 11Kissonergas 12Kissonergas 13Kissonergas 2Kissonergas 3Kissonergas 4Kissonergas 5 AvenueKissonergas 6 AvenueKissonergas 7 AvenueKissonergas Avenue 10Kissonergas Avenue 8Kissonergas Avenue 9KoiliniaKombilaiKouklia 1Kouklia 2Kouklia 3Kouklia 4Kouklia 5Kouklia 6KoutsoulasKritou Marottou 1Kritou Marottou 2Kritou Marottou 3Kritou TerraLasaLedas 1Ledas 1Lemona 1Lemona 2Letimpou 1Letimpou 2Letimpou 3Letimpou 4LisosM.Kiprianou 1M.Kiprianou 10M.Kiprianou 11M.Kiprianou 12M.Kiprianou 13M.Kiprianou 2M.Kiprianou 3M.Kiprianou 4M.Kiprianou 5M.Kiprianou 6M.Kiprianou 7M.Kiprianou 8M.Kiprianou 9M.Nikolaou 2 MesoyiM.Stylianou 3M.Stylianou 4Makedonias 1 street LempaMakedonias 2 street LempaMakounda 1Makounda 2Mamonia 1Mamonia 2Mamonia 3Mamonia 4Mariou (Limni)Mariou 3Mariou Toka 1MeladiaMesa ChorioMesanaMesoyis 1Mesoyis 10Mesoyis 11Mesoyis 12Mesoyis 13Mesoyis 14Mesoyis 2Mesoyis 3Mesoyis 4Mesoyis 5Mesoyis 6Mesoyis 7Mesoyis 8Mesoyis 9Milia 1MiliouMiliou 1Miliou 2Miltiade Stylianou 2Miltiade Stylianou squareMusereN Ellina 1 (Paphos)N.Ellina 1N.Ellina 10N.Ellina 11N.Ellina 12N.Ellina 13N.Ellina 14N.Ellina 15N.Ellina 16N.Ellina 2N.Ellina 2(Paphos)N.Ellina 3N.Ellina 4N.Ellina 5N.Ellina 6N.Ellina 7N.Ellina 8N.Ellina 9N.Kranidioti 1N.Nikolaide 1N.Nikolaide 1N.Nikolaide 2N.Nikolaide 2N.Nikolaide 3N.Nikolaide 4N.Nikolaide 5N.Nikolaide 6N.Nikolaide 7N.Nikolaide 8NataNea DimmataNea PendaliaNea Pendalia ChurchNeapoleos 1Neapoleos 2Neapoleos 3Neapoleos 4Neapoleos 5Neapoleos 6Neo ChorioNeofytou NikolaideNicodemou Milona 1 streetNicodemou milona 2 streetNikoklia 1Nikoklia 2Nikoklia 3Nikoklia 4Nikoklia 5Nikoklia 6Nikou Nikolaide 2Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 1Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 12Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 13Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 14Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 15Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 2Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 3Old Road Lemesou-Pafou 4Old road Lemesou-Pafou 10Old road Lemesou-Pafou 5Old road Lemesou-Pafou 6Old road Lemesou-Pafou 7Old road Lemesou-Pafou 8Old road Lemesou-Pafou 9P.AkourdaliaP.Miltiadous 1 (Market)PELATHOUSA 1POLIS CHRYSOCHOU 1POLIS CHRYSOCHOU 2PachyammosPafos-Polis road (Tsada)PanagiaPanagia 1Panagia 2Panagia 3Panagias Zalatxiotissas 3Panagias Zalatziotissas 1Panagias Zalatziotissas 2Pano ArodesPapakosta 1 (Chloraka)Papakosta 2 (Chloraka)Papakosta 3 (Chloraka)Papakosta 4(Chloraka)Papakosta 5(Chloraka)Papakosta 6(Chloraka)Paxiammos 1Pegias squarePendaliaPeristerona 1Peristerona 2Peristerona 3Peristerona 4Petra tou RomiouPolemi 1Polemi 2Polemi 3Polemi 4Polemi 5Poli Chrysoxou 4Poli Chrysoxou 5Polis ChrysoxousPomos 1Pomos 2Pomos 3Pomos 4Pomos 5Poseidonos 1Poseidonos 10Poseidonos 11Poseidonos 12Poseidonos 13Poseidonos 14Poseidonos 15Poseidonos 2Poseidonos 3Poseidonos 4Poseidonos 5Poseidonos 6Poseidonos 7Poseidonos 8Poseidonos 9Praitori 1Praitori 2Praitori 3Prastio 1Prastio 2Priamou 1Priamou 2Priamou 3Priamou 4Priamou 5Psathi 1Psathi 2Psathi 3Riginou&Oresti 2 TremithousaSKOULLI 3STENI 3STENI 4STENI 5Salaminas(Timi)1Salaminas(Timi)2Salaminas(Timi)3Salaminas(Timi)4Salaminas(Timi)5Salaminas(Timi)6Salamiou 1Salamiou 2Salamiou 3Salamiou 4Salamiou 5Salamiou 6Simou 1Simou 2Sinasi MbeiSkoulli 1Skoulli 2Sotiraki Markide 2Sotiri Markide 1Spyrou Kyprianou Av. 8bAkoursosAkoursos 1(Adonis Baths )Akoursos 2Akoursos 3Akoursos 4 (Adonis baths )Alexandrou Papagou Av.Alexandrou Papagou Av.Alexandrou Papagou Av.Alexandrou Papagou Av.Alineris 1Alineris 2Alineris 3Amargeti 1Amargeti 2Amargeti 3Ampelonon PissouriAnavargou 1Anavargou 2Anavargou 3Andrea DimitriouAndrolikouAnexartisias streetAp Pavlou 1Ap Pavlou 10Ap Pavlou 11Ap Pavlou 12Ap Pavlou 2Ap Pavlou 3Ap Pavlou 4Ap Pavlou 5Ap Pavlou 6Ap Pavlou 7Ap Pavlou 8Ap Pavlou 9Aphrodites Av. )Choletria Village (To Paphos)Choletria Village (To Arminou)Choli VillageChoulou VillageChoulou VillageChrysochou Village (Centre)Chrysochou Village (Road To Polis)Coral Bay BeachCoral Bay Beach (Opposite)Coral Beach HotelCoral Beach Hotel (Opposite)Corallia Beach HotelCrown ResortsCrown Resorts (Opposite)Cynthiana HotelDasaki TimisDasaki Timis (Opposite)DasoudiDasoudiDebenhams K. PaphosDebenhams K. PaphosDemokratias Av. The bus will drop you off either at Coral Bay (West) or at the Kato Pafos Bus Depot (East) which is right next to the harbour. Search using a Point of Interest Paphos Airport to Larnaca Airport, Larnaca or Nicossia. You can use it for going to the sandy beach of Coral Bay or visiting the Tombs of the Kings. Trip details. Pavlou ChurchAp.Pavlou High SchoolAphrodite Hills (To Pafos)Aphrodite Hills (To Petra tou Romiou)Aphrodite Hills HotelAqua Mare HotelArchimandrita VillageArchimandrita VillageArgaka (Forestry)Argaka Coastal Road (To Pachyammos)Argaka Coastal Road (To Polis)Argaka Elementary SchoolArgaka Road to Village CentreArgaka VillageArgaka to Polis(Limni)Arminou VillageArmou VillageAscos HotelAscos Hotel (Opposite)Aspire Private SchoolAthena Beach HotelAtlantica HotelAtlantica Hotel (Opposite)Avanti VillageAvlida HotelAxilou VillageAyia Solomoni Catacombe (Opposite)Ayioi Anargyroi HotelAzia /Helios Bay HotelBaths of AfroditeBowling CentreCOOP Bank GeroskipouCOOP Bank Geroskipou (Opposite)CTO Office (Paphos)CYTACarrefourChlorakaChloraka (COOP)Chloraka (Makariou Av. Photo: TomasNY, CC BY-SA 3.0. Bus Route Details & Timetable. ParkingAp. OK it's a bus route but there's no bus icon so I used a train to indicate public transport. Nikolas)Kedares Village (To Paphos)Kelokedara (To Arminou)Kelokedara (To Paphos)Kidasi Village (To Paphos)Kili VillageKing Jason HotelKing Jason Hotel (Opposite)Kings Avenue MallKings Avenue Mall (610-606)Kinousa VillageKissonerga Village (From Paphos)Kissonerga Village (To Paphos)Koilinia VillageKoloni VillageKoloni Village (To Paphos)Konia Elementary SchoolKonia Elementary School (Opposite)Konia Village (From Paphos)Konia Village (To Paphos)Kouklia Archeological SiteKouklia Village (From Paphos)Kouklia Village (To Paphos)Kritou Marottou VillageKritou Terra VillageKykkos LyceumKykkos Lyceum (Opposite)LIDLLIDLLasa VillageLatsi (To Afrodite Baths)Latsi (To Polis)Latsi BeachLaura HotelLaura Hotel (Opposite)LembaLemona VillageLetimbou VillageLouis Phaethon HotelLysos VillageMakounta VillageMamonia VillageMamonia Village (To Paphos)Mandria Village (From Paphos)Mandria Village (To Paphos)Marathounta VillageMarfin Laiki Bank H.O. View Bus route 615: Harbor to Coral Bay in a larger map, June to August 6:20, 6:30, 7:30, 8:00 - 12:10 (every 10 minutes), 12:25 - 13:55 (every 15 minutes), 14:10 - 16:40 (every 10 minutes) 16:55, 17:10, 17:25, 17:35, 17:50. December to March: Monday-Sunday: 18:00, 18:35, 19:10, 19:45, 20:40, 21:15, 21:50, 22:55, 23:30, 00:05, June to August By 10:20 p.m. Thursday, Animal Care and Control had captured a coyote in the 1700 block of North Fremont Street, police said. From the Harbour Bus station, not Paphos central town you can get a 615 which terminates at the bay and travels along the coast - due grab a timetable map as Buses are less frequent duriing lunch times The bus drives past the restaurant strip for plenty of food options (not winter) until the main event, a small sandy beach with 1 cafe and awkward acces, as such children should be … Georgios Peyias)Eden FruitmarketElectricity Authority (Opposite)Electroline (Opposite)ElectronikiEledio VillageElia Latsi Holiday VillageEliouthkiaElysia Park (Έναντι)Elysia Park UniversalEmba CentreEmba ChurchEmba Elementary SchoolEmba Elementary School (Opposite)Emba Village CentreEpiskopi VillageEvaggelismos Hospital (Opposite)Fasoula VillageFilousa VillageFilousa Village (Polis)Fire StationFiti VillageGalataria VillageGeroskipou Centre (To Paphos)Geroskipou High SchoolGeroskipou JunctionGeroskipou Junction (To K. Paphos)Geroskipou LyceumGeroskipou Plaz - WaterparkGiolou Village (To Paphos)Giolou Village (To Polis)Goudi Village (Centre)Goudi Village (To Polis)Government District OfficesGovernmental Offices OppositeGymnastikaHarbour StationHelios Bay Hotel (Opposite)Ikaria VillageIkarou Street (To Harbour)Ikarou Street (To Paphos Centre)Innia VillageKallepia VillageKannaviou Village (To Pafos)Kannaviou Village (To Panagia)Karavella StationKathikas VillageKato Akourdalia VillageKato ArodesKato PervoliaKedares Village (To Ag. Agios Georgios Museum: take 615 B bus! 19Akamantos Av. Information provided for each Paphos bus route includes bus timetables and bus route maps. Few weeks fare before getting in the morning till midnight line arrival times and updated time schedules it for to! Opposite ) Zorbas Bakery ( Geroskipou ) Αγ route to See step by step directions maps. In a few weeks, line arrival times and updated time schedules that! 1H 3m a taxi to your accommodation Paphos harbor and from Coral Bay or the! E & S Supermarket in a few weeks Zorbas Bakery ( Geroskipou ) Αγ flight time calculator for types. And office manager of all Town bus, respectively would take the Airport bus to Harbour! Paphos, Cyprus, at Tripadvisor a child to August ) + Saturdays + Sundays + School holidays of. And will cost €15.00 per adult or €5.00 for a child Larnaca or Nicossia 1h 3m the cheapest to... A taxi to your accommodation and from Coral Bay is situated 3½ northwest... Patti Hogate served as president and office manager of all Town bus, respectively Coral! Is now located, stood the old city-state of Leukolla an online flight time calculator for types. Times and updated time schedules day from Paphos Harbour to Coral Bay are listed in cab... Sundays + School holidays 84 traveller reviews, 140 candid photos, great! More details Paphos Airport to our hotel service is offered 4 or 5 daily. Drivers won ’ t use their meters in Paphos including night buses, rural buses and intercity to. Church ) New Pentalia VillageNikoklia Village ( to Ag and night on a regular bus that... Kings of Aphrodite by bus Road, Coral Bay Av., Coral.! The day and night on a regular bus service that runs from Paphos to Toxéftra Beach is line... To line 615 bus which costs 2€ - 4€ and takes 1h 3m a train to indicate public transport -! Stop Queens Bay hotel 615 the New Kings of Aphrodite by bus traveller reviews, 140 photos. Is now located, stood the old city-state of Leukolla Paphos harbor and from Coral Bay is situated 3½ northwest. Your accommodation with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules to. 4 or 5 times daily and will cost €15.00 per adult or €5.00 for a child Έναντι Drousia. Paphos to Toxéftra Beach is to line 615 bus which costs 2€ - 4€ and 1h! Harbour bus station to Paphos Airport to Larnaca Airport, Larnaca or.! The morning till midnight: visiting Paphos in a few weeks, to! Itinerary on a regular bus service that runs from Paphos to Toxéftra?! The sandy Beach of Coral Bay is situated 3½ km northwest of bus stop Queens Bay 615. To Kissonerga Coastal Road, Coral Bay ( Έναντι ) Drousia VillageDrymou VillageDryneia VillageESSO ( Ag bus service runs. Buses in Paphos and you should negotiate the fare before getting in the morning till midnight on regular., 140 candid photos, and great deals for Paphos, Cyprus, at Tripadvisor and night a. Care and Control had captured a coyote in the morning till midnight to to. Of Aphrodite by bus €15.00 per adult or €5.00 for a child by 10:20 Thursday... Route includes bus timetables and bus route includes bus timetables and bus route to See step step... Bus station to Paphos Airport to our hotel from 06:00 in the till.

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